How to get to Iasi

By plane:

TAROM: ( London, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Bologna, Rome
AIRFRANCE: ( Paris via Bucharest
BLUE AIR – ( London, Paris (Beauvais), Brussels, Koln, Berlin, Glasgow, Barcelona, Milano, Torino, Venice, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Oradea, Constanta
AUSTRIAN – ( via Vienna
WIZZAIR – ( Catania, Larnaca, Tel Aviv, Venetia Marco Polo, Rome, London (Luton)

By train:

Accommodation in Iasi

University Hotels – Booking can be done by contacting the local organizers

“Gaudeamus” Hotel
Address: Str. Codrescu No. 1
Located near important academic objectives and student campuses, it offers University students and professors from abroad special accommodation conditions in rooms with 2 and 3 beds.
All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, telephone, etc.

“Akademos” Hotel
Address: Str. Păcurari, no. 6
The location near the “Mihai Eminescu” Central University Library and the House of Student Culture offers guests the possibility to reach the university buildings in less than 10 minutes on foot.
The rooms have two beds each and are equipped with air conditioning, own bathroom, and shower cubicles, refrigerator, modern furniture, and internet connection.
“Gaudeamus” and “Akademos” restaurants
The restaurant “Gaudeamus” is located on the premises of the “Gaudeamus” hotel and has a capacity of 122 seats. The daily average of those who serve the meal is 200-250 people.
The “Akademos” restaurant is set up on the ground floor of the “Akademos” hotel and has a capacity of approximately 110 seats. The daily average of those serving the meal is 238 people.
The operating schedule of the canteens-restaurant is from Monday to Friday, between 07.00 and 10.30 breakfast is served, and from 12.00 to 15.00 lunch.

Virtual tours:

Recommended hotels in the city of Iași:

Hotel Majestic **** – Str. Petru Rareş, 7, Iaşi, 700126, Tel: +40232-255557
Hotel Traian **** – Str. Unirii Place, 1, tel. +400232-266666
Hotel Moldova *** – Str. Anastasia Panu, 29, tel. +400232-260240
Hotel Astoria *** – Str. Alexadru Lăpuşneanu, 1, tel. +400232-233888
Hotel Unirea *** – Str. Piața Unirii, 5, tel. +400232-205000
Hotel Ramada ** – Str. Gregory Ureche, 27, tel. +400232-215037
Hotel Select **** – Str. Piața 14 December 1989, 2, tel. +400232-415415

Discover Iasi

For a guide to the best places and experiences in the city of Iasi, please consult the website, created by a collective of teachers-researchers and students from the Department of Geography of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi.