Workshop 1: Whitebox for Applications in Geomorphometry

Presenter: Prof. John Lindsay

Description: Whitebox is a geospatial analysis software package that possesses extensive functionality for creating, preparing, and deriving information products from lidar point clouds and raster digital elevation model (DEM) data. This short workshop aims to familiarize attendees with the general use of the Whitebox software and, in particular, to teach attendees how to use Whitebox for DEM generation, DEM pre-processing, and land-surface parameter extraction. Attendees will learn about the various components of the Whitebox platform and the ways in which it can be applied in your geomorphometric workflows and will explore the use of Whitebox from its QGIS plugin as well as ways to integrate the software into Python geoprocessing scripting.

Workshop 2: DEMIX operations platform

Presenter: Serge RIAZANOFF (VisioTerra)


ESA project        

The “DEMIX operations platform” is an open-access web application developed as part of the ESA EDAP+ project in support of the “DEM Inter-comparison eXercise” (DEMIX). This platform manages almost all versions of the global DEMs (ALOS World 3D, ASTER GDEM, COP-DEM, FABDEM, NASADEM, SRTM) and several very high resolution DEMs (1 to 2.5 meters) of countries or provinces. In its first version 1.0, “DEMIX operations platform” allows to export one of these DEMs in DEMIX tiles (10 km x 10 km) by choosing its version and defining the output parameters: CRS, VRS, GSD, resampling method , type of point. The “DEMIX operations platform” also enables to apply a series of tests (criteria) to several candidate DEMs and therefore to rank these DEMs. The user can thus choose the DEM that best suits his needs.