Call for special session proposal


The International Geographic Seminar ”Dimitrie Cantemir” encourages the creation of special session where researcherss can debate current issues related to a certain field/work group/research project.

How to propose a special session?

The proposals will be sent through email to Professor univ. dr. Corneliu Iațu (, as a PDF document, that will include:

  • The title of the proposed sessions and a brief description of the issues that will be debated at the session (150-250 words).
  • The name and affiliation of the organizer(s) of the special session.
  • The preliminary titles of at least 4 papers that will be included in the session.

The deadline for sending the special sessions proposals

1 July 2021

The deadline for the notification regarding the acceptance of the special sessions proposals

5 July 2021

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