Special session dedicated to the commemoration of 300 years since the death of Dimitrie Cantemir

In 2023 we commemorate 300 years since the death of the great humanist scholar and Prince of Moldova, Dimitrie Cantemir. Through his encyclopedist spirit (historian, anthropologist, geographer, philosopher, composer, cartographer, orientalist, politician, writer), Dimitrie Cantemir marked the era in which he lived, being a visionary and a scholar who through his special culture influenced both the both the western and the eastern world. One of the most important recognitions was the membership in the Berlin Academy (1714), at the command of which he will write one of the fundamental geographical works, Descriptio Moldaviae (1716). Romania has officially declared 2023 as the Dimitrie Cantemir Cultural Year and this session of the Dimitrie Cantemir Internațional Geographical Seminar is dedicated to Dimitrie Cantemir. Therefore, we invite you to propose communications that have as their main subject Dimitrie Cantemir and his work. Communication proposals will be sent to the following address: seminar_cantemir@​yahoo.com .

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