Project title:

Urban Climate Assessment: a pre-requisite in designing cities’ resilience response to climate change for Romania’s North-East Development Region

Evaluarea climatului urban: condiție de bază a dezvoltării rezilienței locale la schimbările climatice în regiunea de dezvoltare Nord-Est a României

Project number 32/2022

Project code PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2021-0882

Project Leader: Associate Professor PhD. Lucian SFÎCĂ

Implementation period: 11.05.2022-10.05.2024


Project summary:

Current climate change overlaps with a clear tendency of the human population to concentrate in cities. These combined trends increase both the exposure to weather extremes and the vulnerability of the population, forcing the authorities to adapt environmental policies aimed at increasing the resilience response of urban areas to climate change. However, in order to develop such policies, an adequate assessment of the climatic conditions inside cities is needed. For this, the current project proposes a multivariate assessment of climatic conditions based on the development of in situ observations, expeditionary measurements and the assimilation of climate information derived from satellite images for the 16 most important cities located in the North - Eastern Development region of Romania. Based on all available meteorological data (available from official observation and produced through our own observations), we also aim to describe the synoptic types that are commonly associated with extreme weather conditions in selected cities. Future climate conditions will also be estimated based on climate scenarios. These two analyzes are intended to increase the prediction of extreme weather and climate conditions, representing key elements for a sound scientific basis on which resilience policies should be based. The implementation of the project benefits from the previous experience of the team members in the field of urban climate, atmospheric circulation and climate scenarios.


The main goal of the project is to build a sound idea on current and future climate conditions in 16 cities with a population exceeding 20000 inhabitants in North-East Development Region of Romania, in order to set a scientific background for future measures regarding the increase of resilience to climate change. For this, the project aims:

  1. To give a detailed description of current climate conditions in the area of the 16 analyzed cities.
  2. To perform a multivariate investigation of urban climate conditions through the development of in situ meteorological observations, transversal measurements across the cities in specific weather conditions and using remote sensing techniques.
  3. To describe accurately the major synoptic patterns bringing weather risks for the analyzed urban areas as heat/cold waves, high precipitation amounts and wind channeling intensification in urban canyons.
  4. To explore the future climate conditions based on two climate scenarios (RCP4.5 and RCP8.5) for 2025-2100 and to assimilate the project results in these scenarios (e.g. the effect of urban heat island on climate scenarios).

Project team:

  1. Assoc. Prof. PhD. Lucian SFÎCĂ
  2. Lect. PhD. Pavel ICHIM
  3. Assist. PhD. Petrică-Ionel BISTRICEAN
  4. PhD. Stud. Vlad-Alexandru AMIHĂESEI
  5. PhD Stud. Vacant Position
  6. Mast. Stud. Robert HRIȚAC

Colaborators: Stud. Alexandru COROCĂESCU, Lucian ROȘU, Dumitru MIHĂILĂ


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