Practical aspects of building a sustainable university

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Masaryk University, I want to invite you for a zoom meeting on 10 January 2023 (during the morning) to kick off a new discussion in the UN community on the practical aspects of building a sustainable university. Our aim is not to start new research but to use the knowledge we have already gathered and to share practical experiences on how we deal with this agenda. It could be very inspiring for all of us to share this.

From Masaryk University, there will be the bursar of MU, Ms Marta Valesova, the developing agenda manager Mr Richard Hybl and me. We will be very glad to meet our colleagues from your universities coping with the same issue of green, zero-waste, sustainable agenda to discuss and inspire each other and to grow up together possibly. Who knows, one day, Utrecht Network will be a brand for sustainable universities. To get there, we have to walk a long way, but we can walk it together as we have done with many other essential agendas for the last many years. I would love to see many of us there.

Please let me know if you or any of your colleagues will join the meeting so I can send you the agenda along with more information.

With every good wish,


Violeta Osouchova

Centre for International Cooperation

Masaryk University | Proud member of the EDUC Alliance

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