Agent-based Modeling for Geographical Applications

I am pleased to spread the word about a course titled "Agent-based Modeling for Geographical Applications" that we are organizing at the University of Trento (Italy) on *16-18 September 2019*.
This is a *20 hour * introductory course covering the basic concepts of agent-based modeling in the geographic and environmental realms, and teaching students how to build their own models in the NetLogo modeling environment. Credits are available for doctoral students.
All information regarding the course can be found at:
For any further question, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
Francesco Orsi
Research Scientist
Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
University of Trento
Via Mesiano 77, 38123, Trento, Italy
Latest publications:
Orsi, F., 2019. Centrally located yet close to nature: A prescriptive
agent-based model for urban design. Computers, Environment and Urban
Systems 73, 157-170.
Scuttari, A., Orsi, F., Bassani, R., 2019. Assessing the tourism-traffic
paradox in mountain destinations. A stated preference survey on the
Dolomites' passes (Italy). Journal of Sustainable Tourism 27(2), 241-257.
Orsi, F., 2018. How densely populated and green are the places we live in?
A study of the ten largest US cities. Land Use Policy 76, 300-316.


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