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Can I participate in ERASMUS + / SEE selections if I am a UAIC student at another faculty than Geography and Geology?

All enrolled UAIC students can participate in ERASMUS + / SEE selections, but they should contact the coordinator of the faculty they belong to (see list of coordinators here). They can only participate in the selections organized by the faculty they are registered for and the places available in the faculty.

When do ERASMUS + / SEE selections take place and who should I contact for further details?

Selections take place throughout the academic year, generally in November, March, May and September. The exact dates at which the selections take place will be mentioned two weeks before the selection interviews are held and can be consulted in the ads posted under the "Announcements" section (see left menu). For further details, please contact the ERASMUS + / SEE Coordinator (contact details can be found under "Contact").

Which requirements do I need to fulfil in order to be eligible for an ERASMUS + / SEE internship?

All the details of the eligibility conditions are listed in the section " Which requirements do you need to fulfil in order to be qualified for an ERASMUS + / EEA?" (Click here)

Can I choose the institution where I will have the internship?

Each student is free to run for one of the institutions mentioned in each selection. However, in the case of a large number of students applying for the same institution, the place will be filled by the student with the higher general average. In the case of equal averages, the mark obtained in the selection interview will be used for separation.

Can I have the internship at an institution that is not on the partner list but which is on the territory of an ERASMUS + / EEA partner country?

Students have the opportunity to find themselves a place of internship according to their study profile at one of the institutions located on the territory of one of the ERASMUS + / EEA partner countries (you can download the list of partner countries here). In some cases, the institution identified by the student will need to enter into a partnership agreement with the UAIC. In order to be able to benefit from an ERASMUS + / SEE internship at the respective institution, the student must inform the ERASMUS Coordinator at least 2 weeks before the selection, giving the name of the institution, the department in which it will be active and the contact details of the manager or supervisor at the receiving institution.

How long does an ERASMUS + / SEE internship take?

The minimum duration of an ERASMUS + / SEE internship is 2 months, maximum 3 months (6 months for PhD studies). However, the calendar months do not correspond to the ERASMUS + / EEA months. Thus, an ERASMUS month is considered to have 30 days regardless of the start date of the practice.

How many internships can I benefit from?

There is no limit to the number of internships. However, students are not allowed to go beyond 12 months of ERASMUS + / EEA during a study cycle. The ERASMUS + months do not cumulate with the EEA. Thus, students are entitled to 12 months of ERASMUS + practice and 12 months of EEA practice (total 24 months).

Can I give up the internship for which I was selected before departure?

Students have the right to quit the internship for which they have been selected only in the case of objectionable impediments to the internship. In the case of a renouncement, the student completes a statement (click here for download) stating the reason for the renunciation.

Are accommodation and food provided by the host institution or will they be covered by ERASMUS + / EEA?

The ERASMUS + / SEE scholarship is intended to cover the student's maintenance costs (accommodation + food) throughout the internship. However, in the case of a placement internship at hotel institutions, the student often receives accommodation and food provided free of charge by the host institution. Thus, the ERASMUS + / EEA scholarship will only cover other student's personal expenses. Partner institutions also provide advice on finding a place to stay.

Will I receive a document certifying the internship at the partner institution?

At the end of the internship, after submitting all the documents to the Department of International Relations, the period of the internship will be mentioned on the student's file of record and the fact that he / she was a beneficiary of an ERASMUS + / SEE scholarship. Also, ERASMUS + / SEE internships are equivalent to the "practical field activities" course at each level of study, provided that the internship takes place in the same study cycle.