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Erasmus+ / SEE facts and figures

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The ERASMUS + / SEE international programs have been a real success during the last academic years. More than 100 geography students have benefited annually from internships in European institutions and their interest in new participation increases with each completed internship. The high number of partnerships with hotel-based institutions has facilitated the insertion of students into the labour market and has helped to increase their professional performance. Thus, over 50% of students in Tourism specialisation (bachelor's and master's) have completed at least one ERASMUS+/SEE internship during their studies.

See on the map (click here) if your dream destination is on the list or find yourself the right institution and bring it to us! Join the winners and be a successful student!

If you are fascinated by Nordic culture, attracted by the energetic spirit of the South, or wanting an experience in the capital of Europe, ERASMUS + / SEE helps you get closer to where you think you belong. The two international programs boast a number of 32 partners across the entire European continent.

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"Do not seek power and self-confidence elsewhere. You have to look for them in yourself." They were always there. "- Sigmund Freud

Do not hesitate to try, the success belongs to the strongest! ERASMUS + / SEE has prepared your seat and awaits you to take the first step. The number of internships available to students increases with each academic year and is more and more diversified and attractive.

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