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What is an ERASMUS + / SEE internship?

Also known as traineeship, an ERASMUS + / SEE internship is a minimum of 2 months (up to 3 months at BA / MA and 6 months at Phd) for the professional training of students and increasing work experience in the field of study. It can take place in one of the ERASMUS / EEA countries in one of the partner institutions (see list of institutions and partner countries here).


Departments and specific tasks:


-FO. Front and/or Back Office department (receptionist, hostess, bellboy, PR, HR, marketer, sales representative etc.) Duties: greeting customers, answering visitor inquiries, directing visitors to appropriate contacts, sorting mail/email, answering incoming calls, making bookings, checking in and out clients, booking meetings, checking rooms, providing visibility of hotel to travel market, making/designing the advertising materials, selling souvenirs and other specific products.

-FO+F&B. (50%-50% - Front office (above) + Food & Beverage (waiter, waiter-assistant, bartender, busser etc.) Duties: Front office duties (above) + F&B duties - greeting customers, seating them, answering questions regarding their order, processing orders, serving customers, ensuring orders on time as ordered, preparation duties (such as setting up breakfast, mise-en-place/setting up of tables etc.), promotion and advice of goods and services to customers, stock maintenance, cleaning the station

-MHK. Management of Housekeeping (Housekeeping supervisor). Duties: checking rooms & public spaces, supervision, preparing the cart, stripping the room, making the beds, providing clean places, answering visitor’s inquiries, providing solutions, checking costs, invoices, payments, stock management, cost analysis, project work, management plans, discussions, brainstorming


-GIS. Geographic Information Systems and Geomatics (or Environmental Dept.) Laboratory (GIS Trainee) Duties: terrain/network drawing and analysis, map making, process & analyse data, follow existing operating people or project-teams

-IRD. International Relations Dept. (IR Trainee). Duties: contact the international students, marketing & management of own projects, organization of events, secretary work, photocopying, emailing, HR tasks, managing own ESN team etc.

-GTS Geography of Turism Specialist. Duties : field observation, data research and analysis.