Faculty of

Geography and Geology

International networks

Coimbra Group: Established since 1985, the association encompasses the top European universities that have a long tradition in education and research, as well as a high level of quality in higher education. The Faculty of Geography and Geology has concluded partnership agreements within Coimbra network and is the host or promoter of research projects, teaching mobilities, applied projects, etc.

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The European University Association (EUA) represents more than 800 universities. It organizes National rector conferences in the 48 European partner countries. The EUA is one of the key organizations in setting European policies on higher education, research and innovation, supporting the exchange of good practices between partner universities through collaborative projects and events. The Faculty of Geography and Geology has carried out a series of research projects in collaboration with the European universities included in the EUA network, aiming at the permanent stimulation of joint activities in order to increase the quality of higher education.

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Utrecht Network has 32 members in 27 European countries. It aims to support initiatives to strengthen the international profile of member universities and the cohesion of the group. It is also geared towards developing intercultural links by funding mobility between partners from other continents. "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi carries out projects in cooperation with other network partners, and the Faculty of Geography and Geology is a potential promoter or candidate for such projects.

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The International Association of Universities (IAU) is a non-governmental organization created to support international cooperation in the field of higher education. She is a UNESCO official partner and has a tradition of over 50 years. Active in international research, the Faculty of Geography and Geology militates for the same goal of increasing academic performance through this association.

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The Francophone University Agency (AUF) is an active organization in more than 100 countries around the world and represents over 800 Francophone higher education institutions. It is a member of UNESCO and the World Bank. Among its activities, communication and technology training offered to both teachers and students is a core one. The Faculty of Geography and Geology is an active representatives of the University within the Francophone University Agency, and a distinctive feature is the existance of two first and second level education programs taught in French language.

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The Balkan Universities Network (BAUNAS) was set up as a result of Bologna system implementation in Balkan universities, encouraging the increase of research and study mobilities (exchanges) among partner institutions. Key objectives include exchanging best practices, increasing academic performance by periodically conducting conferences, collaborative projects in the field of education and research, and developing a solid communication network that allows for the exchange of information between partners.

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