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WARSAW REGIONAL FORUM 2019 - "Towards spatial justice - territorial development or marginalization"

Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, Committee of Geographical Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Geographical Society are organizing international conference WARSAW REGIONAL FORUM 2019 - "Towards spatial justice - territorial development or marginalization".

The subject matter of the conference concerns theoretical and methodical as well as practical aspects related to the idea of spatial justice. The following topics are expected to be held at the conference:

* Spatial justice in theory and research concepts;

* Methods and tools for measuring spatial justice, territorial cohesion and marginalization;

* Delineation of growth and marginalized areas;

* Mobility and accessibility in relation to spatial justice;

* Approaches to counteract territorial marginalization;

* Development inequalities in the European Union in light of the Cohesion Policy after 2020;

* Territorial inequalities in urban structure;

* Spatial planning as a way for counteracting marginalization;

* Public benefit services as a determinant of marginalization.

In attachment You will find "First Circular" and here is a link for the registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/xcQyohtH2Zisd4JJ3


On behalf of Organizing Committee

Prof. Jerzy Bański (Chair)

Prof. Tomasz Komornicki (Scientific Secretary)

Dr. Konrad Czapiewski (Conference Secretary)

Denis Cerić (Conference Secretary)

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